2008: Radical Islam: Politically Incorrect / Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is another Latter-day Saints who gets it. Having looked at the evidence and carried it to its only possible conclusion, he realizes that Islamic Jihad is one of the most life-destroying elements to appear in the history of mankind; and that it must be exposed and fought at every possible moment.

This post consists of excerpts from chapter 3 of his book An Inconvenient Book. The chapter title is “Radical Islam: Politically Incorrect”. I encourage everyone to read it and make it available to their acquaintances. It is available at Amazon.com at this link.

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Steve St.Clair
Radical Islam: Politically Incorrect
Glenn Beck

Sarah Peake, a Massachusetts selectwoman, was sitting in a Provincetown meeting in November 2005, and something was bothering her. It wasn’t the bad coffee, he stale pastries, or her fellow council members droning on and on. What was bothering Ms. Peake on this particular day was a painting that depicted the Pilgrims voting m the Mayflower Compact hanging on the wall.

There were no women in it. And (gasp) the only Native American in the painting lid not have a ballot in his hand!

The thought that history would be represented in such a sexist, racist way (even though it was historically accurate) infuriated Ms. Peake, and she asked that the paint­ing be removed. The council voted, and—this being Massachusetts—three out of four people said they agreed with Ms. Peake. The painting came down.
Was this political correctness gone haywire? Absolutely. But it’s literally just the
lip of the iceberg in terms of what we’ll do to keep people comfortable and appeased, [to matter the consequences.

This politically correct, don’t-offend-anyone mentality has turned into the Islamic extremists’ most powerful weapon.

Islam: Let Me Be Clear

because I mention Islam and extremist in the same sentence, let me stop right here. stance on Islam has been so twisted and mangled and misrepresented that my wife probably even thinks I’m an intolerant hatemonger. So let me be clear, once and for all:

I have read the Koran and can tell you that I unequivocally believe that Islam is a religion of peace. The overwhelming majority (I believe at least 90 percent) of all Muslims are good, peace-loving people.

Immediately after Septemer 11, 2001, listeners began calling into my radio show demanding guilt-by-association for average Muslims. I begged them not to overreact and explained that the people they wanted to vilify were likely just as shocked and saddened by what happened as they were.

Because I personally witnessed how quickly fear can make good, rational people overreact, I have spent years begging moderate Muslims to stand up and denounce the monsters who have perverted their religion.

Although some have spoken out, it’s clear to me that the radicals’ plan to use fear and intimidation is working. They have shown that they are more than willing to kill anyone, including other Muslims, who don’t share their beliefs, and that has left many moderate Muslims living in fear.

Muslims are not the enemy; extremists who want to destroy democracy and create Islamist states all over the world are the enemy.

2+2 Equals Whatever You Want

Political correctness usually goes only so far as to be a minor annoyance, like taking r baby Jesus out of a nativity scene or, as in the case above, completely ignoring his­torical facts for the sake of someone’s precious feelings. Well, I have feelings too, and they’re telling me our society is slowly going insane.

Have you ever noticed the fuzzy logic that goes on when Islam is involved? I’m not a Muslim theologist, but I am a thinker, and the incidents that have happened over the last few years don’t seem to be all that equitable:

Jesus figure soaked in urine . . . OK

Koran in the toilet . . . not OK

Elephant poop on the Virgin Mary . . . OK

Newspaper cartoon of Mohammed . . . not OK

Calling president of the United States a terrorist . . . OK

Suggesting that some Muslims might be terrorists . . . not OK

Do you really think that Islamic extremists care about our stupid little debates r how to avoid hurt feelings? Of course not. They welcome this walk-on-eggshells atmosphere we’ve created because it’s an integral part of they intend to get close enough to kill us.

Islamic extremists understand that our greatest strength—our freedoms—is also our greatest weakness.

We hold our freedoms, and the document that provides r them—the U.S. Constitution—above almost everything se. But—news flash—the radical Islamists don’t. They’re disgusted by Western values such as freedom, democracy, or the thought of women being equal to men

Because their lives are governed by their religion, which as very strict notions of how society should be structured. (Although I have to admit that some of those notions, such as banning television shows from featuring “Surprise! I have four children with three different women and a cocker spaniel!” aren’t half bad.)

Most Muslims have a private spiritual life and are happy to live in a country where they can practice their faith freely and openly. But extremists don’t want a “pri­vate spiritual life”; they want a political system that makes faith a very public, state-oriented system. I didn’t get it at first, but now I do. It’s about politics, not religion. In the world of Islamic extremism, there is no separation of mosque and state because their church is their state; their religious leaders are their political leaders. And those leaders are happy to give you a simple choice: Live under Islamic rule, or die.

My Sharia More

A lot of people try to make the motivation behind radical Islamists extremely complicated, but it’s not. They simply believe that Islamic law surpasses every other law in society—including our precious little Constitution—and they believe that everybody in the world should live under it.

The basis of Islamic law is called Sharia, which is not an actual set of laws but rather a system of making them based on the interpretations of religious leaders. But these aren’t the Roman Catholic types of interpretations such as “Eat fish on Fridays” or Scientologist-type interpretations such as “You must be an action movie star.” These are pronouncements that encompass every aspect of life: marriage, divorce, eating, drinking, justice, finance, and every other thing you can think of.

Although it can be interpreted in many different ways, restriction and punishment are common elements of Sharia as fol­lowed by extremists:

An eye for an eye.

Drinkers and gamblers must be whipped.

Homosexuals must be put to death.

Adulterers must be stoned to death.

Men can hit their women if they want to.

If you say something negative about Islam, you can be put to death.

Like Elvis bringing rock ‘n’ roll into the mainstream, the Taliban (or, more accu­rately, the collapse of the Taliban) helped shed light on how extreme Sharia law can be. They banned kite flying, prevented women from going to school, and outlawed music—sorry, Elvis, that means you too.

They also mandated that women have a male escort when leaving the house and that anyone who converted from Islam to another religion must be executed. But at least you got to pick: Islamic fundamentalism or death. Who knew the Taliban was prochoice?

Sweet Dreams …

The infiltration of radicals into America is a slow, gradual process. While most of us don’t see it, or we choose to ignore it, the reality of the situation quickly becomes clear when jetliners plummet out of the sky at 600 miles per hour. Unfortunately, if you haven’t noticed, just a few years after the biggest terrorist attack ever to hit American soil, we all seem to be asleep again.

So, to wake us up, I’d like to introduce to you Exhibit A on what happens when a whole bunch of people take Ambien all at once: Western Europe.

An estimated 25 million Muslims currently live in Western Europe, and there is a great—if not well publicized—struggle happening over how to integrate them into Western culture. But there’s one big problem: They’re not integrating, and they aren’t even being asked to. By using words such as diversity and multiculturalism and lodg­ing charges of racism and hatemongerism (OK, I made that one up) over the heads of anyone who disagrees, European elites are allowing some Muslims to make their own laws, even if they trump their own.

These Muslim fundamentalists take advantage of their freedoms in those countries by creating communi­ties within communities and insisting they be governed by Sharia law. Their argument is intuitively simple: “Hey, if this is a free society, then I should be able to practice my religion the way I’m used to.”

That’s a cute little defense, but Jeffrey Dahmer was “used to” chopping up people and then eating them. Are you saying that we were supposed to let him keep doing it? Of course not. Freedom of religion, speech, and everything else always has one major caveat: They’re all subject to the laws of the land. You can practice any religion you want; you can even make up your own, but as soon as your new Church of Vampire­ology starts mandating that you drink the blood of 26-year-old virgins, we have a problem. Your freedoms are always, always secondary to the rule of law—except when it comes to radical Islam, where Sharia trumps all.

But in Europe, large Muslim communities, emboldened by their increasing num­bers, are demanding that tenets of Sharia law be allowed to rule. The calls for Sharia are growing louder in countries such as Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Britain, and the European Union has actually proposed that the laws of non-EU countries should be applicable in divorce cases within their countries. That means Sharia could become legitimate civil law for Muslims in Europe, or, at the very least, Muslim women may end up without rights—even if they live in a so-called democratic country.

The EU has also recently called for a name change when talking about terrorist acts performed by radical Muslims. Instead of Islamic terrorists, the acceptable term is now terrorists who abusively invoke Islam. See the difference? Other than length? Me neither—but it makes people feel better, and that’s apparently what we’re after.

Islamists in the Hood

It is a great concept: Extremists use our political correctness to set up their own little enclaves within European cities and then create “no go” zones for Western leaders and, in turn, Western law. When the home secretary of England made a visit to a predominantly Muslim community to speak last year, he was met with a heckler who asked, “How dare you come to a Muslim area?”

This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. The emergence of Islamic communities was encouraged way back in 1980, when the Islamic Council of Europe published the book Muslim Communities in Non-Muslim States, which outlined a strategic plan on how to avoid being assimilated into another culture.

Here’s how it works:

(1) Concentrate yourselves in large numbers within the com­munity;

(2) set up schools and mosques; and

(3) avoid being ruled by the majority.

The ultimate goal is to gain large enough numbers so that you can eventually take over and spread Islamic rule.

Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, says, “In a decade, you will see parts of English cities which are controlled by Muslim clerics and which follow, not the common law, but aspects of Muslim Sharia law . . . the fundamental rule [of Islam in Europe is to] never dilute your presence. Do not integrate.”

In the meantime, cities in Europe (particularly London and Paris) are seeing the problems with large pockets of fundamentalist Muslims creating their own com­munities. Churches are being burned down; street riots are almost common; Jewish students are being attacked; schools are being forced to stop teaching about the Holocaust because it may be “offensive”; halal meat is served in prisons, schools, and hospitals; and some districts in the London area have been forced to change their names if they sound “too Christian.” The Sharia Law Council for the U.K. has pressured the country into providing mortgages and pensions under Sharia principles, and in December 2004, the National Audit Office agreed to overhaul the tax system because Muslims with more than one wife were being “unfairly” penalized.

The U.K. Islamic Mission summed up the overall idea pretty well: “establish Islamic social order in the United Kingdom in order to seek the pleasure of Allah.” So long as the British stay asleep, “Islamic social order” is exactly what will happen.

French Fried

I could write an entire book about all of the problems that the Frenchy-French have, not the least of which is the fact that the entire country smokes like a coal-fired power plant. But since I only have a chapter, let’s focus on the fact that over the last 20 years, France essentially has allowed the establishment of a separate Muslim state within its borders.

Many Muslims in France think of themselves as Muslim, not French. According to the BBC, “Ten years ago these [rioting] youths were seen as French ‘Arabs.’ Now most are commonly referred to, and define themselves, as ‘Muslims.’ “

Scattered throughout France are hundreds of Muslim “ghettos,” where poor, unemployed, angry young men live under a commitment to Islam, not democracy. In 1991, there were 106 of these “no go” zones, or “hot spots” as the Frenchy-French authorities call them. By 2002, when they conveniently stopped counting, there were 818. The violence in some of these places is so out of control that the police often refuse to intervene. Unfortunately, that only helps to further segregate these enclaves from the rest of society.

This boiling cauldron of anger and radicalized youths exploded in late 2005, when riots broke out.

In an effort to stop the attacks and distance them from Islam, France’s most influential Islamic group issued a religious edict, or fatwa, condemning the vio­lence. “It is formally forbidden for any Muslim seek­ing divine grace and satisfaction to participate in any action that blindly hits private or public property or could constitute an attack on someone’s life,” the fatwa said, citing the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad.

Nine thousand burned police cars later, it looked as if nobody was listening.

We Don’t Need No Education

Segregation has spilled over into European schools, where previously unthinkable exceptions are now being made. The French Ministry of Education investigated 61 schools and found Muslim stu­dents refusing to dance, participate in sports, eat food that wasn’t halal (prepared by Sharia law), draw a right angle (it looks like part of a Christian cross), or swim (they’d be polluted by infidels’ water). Some Muslim students also refused to learn Eng­lish or read certain books that offended them, and in some schools, these students were even given separate toi­lets and showers so they wouldn’t have to mix with the “impure.”

A report titled “Towards Greater Understanding—Meeting the Needs of Muslim Pupils in State Schools” was published earlier this year by the Muslim Council of Britain. It demanded that all “un-Islamic” activities be banned in school, including swimming lessons during Ramadan, opposite-sex contact sports, and Muslim stu­dents drawing people in art classes. It also encouraged a religious curriculum, including teachings about Islam, as long as Muslims could opt out of any lessons regarding Christianity or Judaism.

Europe, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I guess I can only hope that your fall from grace (I use the term grace loosely) will serve as a wakeup call for those of us with enough time to change our course.

Not in My Backyard

We’ve all heard the song “God Bless America,” but most of us don’t realize that there’s actually a verse before the one we all know. It goes like this: “While the storm clouds gather far across the sea, let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free.”

Well, the storm clouds are gathering, all right. France is literally teetering on the edge, and our biggest ally, England, is about to be turned inside out as well. If you think those clouds won’t make their way across the Atlantic, you’re dead wrong—they’re already here; you just need to know where to look.

The U.S. prison system, full of people looking for hope and purpose and redemption—and with a lot of time on their hands—is a feeding ground for radicals seeking to marginalize moderate Muslims and convert those of other faiths. Warith Deen Umar, the former chief Muslim chaplain in the New York State Depart­ment of Correctional Services, was banned from setting foot in state prisons in 2003 when the Wall Street Jour­nal reported that he said the 9/11 terrorists should be remembered as martyrs. Umar believes terrorism is accepted by the Koran. “Even Muslims who say they are against terrorism secretly admire and applaud [the 9/11 hijackers]. . . This is the sort of teaching they don’t want in prison,” he said. “But this is what I’m doing.”

New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s office wrote that “Umar has wielded tremendous influence over the 45 or so clerics or imams that currently preach within New York’s prison system, almost all of whom subscribe to his brand of Wahhabi extremism.”

Schumer himself went even further. In a letter to the head of the State Depart­ment of Corrections, he advocated the immediate firing of all imams hired under Umar’s tenure: “These imams represent a clear and present danger to the safety and security of New York State’s prison system and indeed our entire country. . . . I urge you to dismiss all imams hired under Mr. Umar’s supervision and to reconstitute the Muslim leadership inside New York State’s prisons to ensure that it reflects a more moderate brand of Islam that represents the diversity of belief within the Sunni, Shia and Sufi sects that make up the Muslim community.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if the Department of Cor­rections listened—maybe it’ll take one of these prisoners doing something drastic before they start to pay atten­tion.

This isn’t just a New York problem; it’s happening in prisons all across the country, and law enforcement is worried about it. FBI Director Robert Mueller told the Senate Intelligence Committee, “Prisons continue to be fertile ground for extremists who exploit both a prisoner’s conversion to Islam while still in prison, as well as their socio-economic status and placement in the community upon their release.”

It’s right out of a twisted math book: Thousands of Young Men + Thousands of Spare Hours + Dozens of Rad­ical Clerics Teaching Them = Bad News for America.

Desert Heat

when you think of Phoenix, you probably think about sand. And heat. And its NBA n team that’s never won an NBA championship (OK, someone gave me that one). But Muslim extremists just think of it as home. For more than twenty years now, they’ve been slowly migrating to the Phoenix area and opening schools and mosques that preach hate.

Right after 9/11, a big “What did you know and when did you know it?” contro­versy broke out after an FBI memo surfaced in which it was clear that the government had knowledge of terrorists training with planes. That memo’s title? “The Phoenix Memo,” because it was written by the Phoenix branch of the FBI. It read, in part:

“Phoenix has observed an inordinate number of individuals of investigative interest who are attending . . . civil aviation . . . colleges in the State of Arizona.”

A few people known to be friends of Osama bin Laden were also known to reside there, and at least two of the 9/11 hijackers went to flight school in the area.

The author of that memo, FBI agent Kenneth Williams, later testified in front of Congress that Islamic extremists may flock to Arizona because it reminds them of home, but they stay for the terrorist ties: “These people don’t continue to come back to Arizona because they like the sunshine or they like the state. I believe that some­thing was established there, and I think it’s been there for a long time.”

Later, the 9/11 Commission’s report implicated Phoenix even further by refer­ring to a CIA/FBI memo titled “Arizona: Long Range Nexus for Islamic Extremists.” I’d love to tell you more about it, but that report is still highly classified.

And then there are the “isolated incidents” that someone far more conspiratorial than I might find interesting. In November 2006, Sisayehiticha Dinssa was stopped by Detroit police and found to be carry­ing $80,000 in cash and information about cyanide, nuclear power plants, and suitcase bombs, along with newspapers commemorating the 9/11 attacks. He also had a handwritten note that said: “This community is angry. Something is going to happen. We are going to see justice. This is a powder keg waiting to go off.” Dinssa was flying to Phoenix.

Or what about “the Flying Imams” who were detained after acting suspiciously like the 9/11 hi­jackers? Yeah, they were heading to Phoenix too. Maybe that’s part of the reason Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport is the first airport in the country to test the new “backscatter” security machines that critics say reveal a lot more than just weapons.

But it’s not just a small amount of anecdotal evi­dence that points to Arizona as a hot spot. Most peo­ple associate Steve Jobs with the creation of Apple, even though Steve Wozniak was also a founder. Well, there’s a similar dynamic with our good buddies at Al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden may get all the publicity, but Wa’el Jelaidan was a founding member. He was also the pres­ident of the Tucson Islamic Center in the mid-’80s.

If You See Something, Say Nothing

Our government implores citizens to speak out when they see suspicious behavior. But when that behavior involves sensitive subjects such as Islam, the “good citizen” is often dragged through the media as a hateful, racist, phobic bigot. How likely would you be to put your reputation on the line if you saw a few suspicious things at the air­port but really had nothing more than “just a gut feeling” that something was wrong?

Right after 9/11, a woman in a Florida diner became suspicious of some Muslim men huddled together, looking as if they were up to no good, so she called the police. It turns out she was wrong, but our open-minded and compassionate media proceeded to drag the woman through the mud, commenting on her hairstyle and her accent. She was depicted as a backwoods, racist hillbilly.

And then there is the infamous “Flying Imams” incident I touched on earlier. I don’t know about you, but if I get on an airplane and six fidgeting Muslims are grip­ing about the United States at the gate, praying to Allah immediately before takeoff, asking for seatbelt extenders when none is needed, and playing musical chairs once they board, I’m going to need a drink and a new pair of underwear.

But the nervous passengers who turned them in were tarred and feathered in the media after the imams cried discrimination and said this proved America’s racism and lack of understanding of Islam.

How can you ask people to be the first line of defense against terrorism when every time they put up a red flag, they end up vilified? Are you only allowed to sound alarm bells if you’re 100 percent sure what’s going on? We’re told to alert authorities if we see something sus­picious, but if we’re wrong about it, then we’re the ones who wind up under suspicion of racism.

I’m thankful there are still people willing to take the chance. Remember the New Jersey Circuit City employee who foiled the “Fort Dix Six” terror plot? He noticed that the video he was transferring to DVD depicted jihad training, and by speaking up, he may have saved thousands of lives. But I think we all know what would have happened if he’d been wrong.

Hello, ACLU.

Always Plan Ahead

In 2002, author Anis Shorrosh laid out what he said was radical Islam’s “Twenty Point Plan” for undermining America. See how many of these sound familiar to you:

Terminate America’s freedom of speech with statewide and nationwide hate-crime bills.

Yell “foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist, un-American, inaccurate interpretation of the Koran” anytime Islam is
criti­cized or the Koran is analyzed in the public arena.

Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via massive immigration, mar­riage, and prison conversions.

Use the American educational system to teach loyalty to the Koran and spread dislike of Jews, evangelical Christians, and democracy.

Appeal to compassionate and sensitive Americans for sympathy and tolerance toward Muslims in America who are portrayed as mainly immigrants from oppressed countries.

Use riots and demonstrations inside prisons to demand Islamic Sharia as the way of life.

Open charities throughout the United States, but use the funds to support Islamic terrorism.

Send intimidating messages and messengers to the outspoken individuals who are critical of Islam and seek to eliminate them.

But even more chilling is the supposed Al Qaeda “Mas­ter Plan.” In his book Al-Zarqawi—Al Qaeda’s Second Gener­ation, Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein lays out what he describes as a seven-phase, 20-year plan to establish an Islamic caliphate.

Phase One: “The Awakening”

Wake up Muslims around the world by provok­ing the United States to attack the Islamic world. Check. 9/11, with its resulting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was a pretty good start for this phase. Hussein wrote that Al Qaeda considered it to be “very successful” and believes that its message is now being heard “everywhere.”

Phase Two: “Opening Eyes”

This is likely the phase we are currently in. The idea is to turn the Islamic community into a “movement” by recruiting young men and making Iraq the central base of operations.

Phase Three: “Arising and Standing Up”

Attacks on Syria, Turkey, Israel, and possibly Jordan highlight this stage, which is hoped to make Al Qaeda “a more recog­nized organization.”

Phase Four: “Take Over”

With many Middle East countries facing terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda’s hope is to begin collapsing the governments of hated Arabic coun­tries. Simultaneously, terrorists intend to attack oil infrastructure and suppliers and cripple the U.S. economy through cyber-terrorism.

Phase Five: “Caliphate”

With weakened or toppled governments and a decreased willingness of Western governments to intervene, an Islamic state can be created to bring about “a new world order.”

Phase Six: “Total Confrontation”

A “fight between the believers and the non­believers” will be initiated by the new Islamic army.

Although it’s not included in Hus­sein’s book, I really believe that extremists will begin to specifically target our children. Schools and school buses are not only easy targets, but the result of any attack on them would be nothing short of catastrophic. It would turn us into a nation of irrational nut-jobs who would do insane things like torch mosques—and that’s exactly what they want.

This is yet another way that our political correctness is killing us. If we were able to talk openly about this kind of stuff, it would reduce the chance of a severe over­reaction happening. Unfortunately, we can’t—at least without being called a racist or an Islamophobe.

Phase Seven: “Definitive Victory”

With “one and a half billion Muslims” fight­ing, the Islamic army will defeat all others within two years, and the caliphate will stand.

Whether or not the details of the plan are correct isn’t the issue. The fact is that we know the goal is accurate because we’ve heard it from extremists over and over again throughout the Middle East. Can it work? Well, you can already see how Ameri­cans’ attitudes have changed since 9/11 and the war in Iraq—we just don’t want to deal with this stuff anymore. But while we put on our blinders and retreat, the terrorists are methodically plodding along, continuing with their long-term plan for our annihi­lation. If we don’t wake up, then the answer is yes, it can work.

My Solution

when you combine everything happening around the world these days with the ig unbelievably specific plans of our enemies, things start to seem overwhelming. But it’s not too late; this is a war we can win. Al Qaeda may need seven phases to estab­lish their caliphate, but I only need four to prevent it.

Phase One “Calling Evil by Its Name”

No one can be silent anymore. We all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, must speak up and say “Enough” if we don’t want our history, our culture, and likely our entire civi­lization to be completely destroyed.

Women need to take the lead on this. Where’s the National Organization for Women speaking out against the fact that women in extremist societies are tortured, discriminated against, forced into arranged marriages, and not allowed access to edu­cation? Aren’t they supposed to advocate and defend women’s rights? Every woman in America, regardless of her religious beliefs, should stand up against this cruelty, and the rest of us need to encourage and empower women to do so.

I love the people who say, “Oh, Glenn, let’s just talk to them. If we try to under­stand them, then they won’t be so angry with us.” Are you serious? You cannot debate Muslim extremists! They’re simply not interested in chitchat. The second you question motives or ask honest questions about Islam, you are automatically labeled a racist Islamophobe and compared to the Nazis. French writer Michel Houellebecq called Islam “the stupidest religion” and ended up in court. Theo van Gogh made a 10-minute film about Islamic extremists and ended up dead.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Muslim who fled Somalia and an arranged marriage and was targeted for death by Theo van Gogh’s killer, appeared on my show recently. I asked her, as a woman who has seen up close the transformation from moderation to extremism and experienced the hate that accompanies it, what she thought people need to hear, and her answer was chilling: “For those people who say it’s a small prob­lem, I want to tell them it starts small but it grows. When I was living in Africa . . . the first veils . . . were remarkable. Now a country like mine in Somalia is entirely in the hands of people who want to introduce Sharia or Islamic law, which was just unfath­omable 20 years ago.”

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy is fighting to save his country and his Muslim faith by speaking out. He rightly believes that the bulk of the fight will have to be undertaken by Muslims themselves: “We have to start understanding as a community that the only way to defeat this is to get back the moral courage of Islam, to declare that the Islamists are our enemies and that we are Amer­icans first and Muslims second. What gives us our freedom to be Muslims is our country.”

But Dr. Jasser is also a target. He was recently called a “dog” in an editorial car­toon in the Arizona Muslim Voice. He fired back at the publication, saying, “It reeks of the tired and pathetic technique to vilify and demonize those who threaten their con­trol the most rather than to deal with the core issues they raise.”

Phase Two: “Reinstate the First Amendment”

Free speech must reign; political correctness must die. It might seem like a trivial point when talking about extrem­ism, but our country is headed down a very dangerous path if we keep letting special-interest groups—whether they are based on religion or not—become more important than the laws of the land.

In its Cantwell decision, the U.S. Supreme Court wrote: “The [First] Amendment embraces two concepts . . . freedom to believe and freedom to act. The first is absolute but . . . the second cannot be. Conduct remains subject to regulation for the protection of society.”

Slippery slope has become a cliche, but that’s because it’s absolutely true. Giving in to one group that’s offended by teaching the Holocaust or another group that wants to start a private community may not seem like a big deal, but all of those concessions begin to multiply, and you end up reliving Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s experience.

Phase Three: “Borders—More Than a Bookstore”

Our current way of handling our borders, essentially hoping that the people who cross them are innocent workers instead of terrorists, is going to get us all killed. It may be a guy smuggling in a nuke or a couple hundred extrem­ists coming in over the decades to preach Western hatred and Islamism—but either way, you simply can­not have a country without secure borders.

Phase Four: “Exposure”

A recent report for Congress highlighted how impor­tant the Internet has become for Islamic extremists: These groups “have come to value the Internet so much for its ability to spread their message that some have said the keyboard is as important as a Kalashnikov rifle.”

The report went on to talk about how extremists are able to come together online in ways that often later translate into the physical world. Remember the plot in the summer of 2006 to simultaneously bomb airplanes headed from the United Kingdom to the United States? London Police Chief Ian Blair said that the Internet helped the suspects go from what would appear to be ordinary lives in a matter of some weeks and months, not years, to a position where they were allegedly prepared to commit sui­cide and murder thousands of people.”

But the power of the Internet shouldn’t be used only by extremists who want to expose their views to the masses. We can use it to expose them to the masses.

The mainstream media outlets really have no interest in showing us what extrem­ists say or do or how clearly they state their threats against us. That’s why it’s up to all of us—the ones who understand what’s happening—to spread the word, and the Inter­net is a great way to do that.

The most important thing we can all do is be aware. Lots of stuff goes unnoticed by the average American because we are all busy living our lives, and we don’t think small changes will affect us. If you have learned anything from this chapter, I hope it’s that the little things do affect us. When it comes to Islamic extremism, we should sweat the small stuff.

So, let’s please stop it with the political correctness. What ties people like Select-woman Peake in Massachusetts together with radical Islamists who want to change school curriculums is their insistence on revisionist history. Just because something happened that we don’t like or agree with doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

There’s a lot of stuff in our history we’d like to forget: the Holocaust, slavery, New Coke. But we are better off having lived through it and learned from it than pretend­ing these things didn’t exist just because some aspect of them offends us. Remember, we are still a free society, living under the Constitution. You may not like what I have to say, but (so far) I have the right to say it without being killed.

There are two fronts that must be defended in the war with Islamic extremists: our homeland and our freedoms.

If we don’t vigilantly defend both of them, we will end up with neither.



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  1. ‘Terrorists’? Oh, but they’re using much more polite names for them now: ‘militants’, ‘gunmen’, and sometimes even ‘activists’. They’re starting to sound quite harmless.

  2. Anonymous

    (1) Concentrate yourselves in large numbers within the com­munity;(2) set up schools and mosques; and(3) avoid being ruled by the majority. The ultimate goal is to gain large enough numbers so that you can eventually take over and spread Islamic rule.How is this any different from what Mormons did in Kirtland/Nauvoo or for that matter in the early Utah Territory? Didn’t Joseph Smith set up a Theocracy in Nauvoo?Wasn’t he planning on running for President? “The theocracy evolved on the strength of Mormon millennial views. The Mormons were clearly prepared for the destruction of the US Government and the beginning of the millennial reign. They saw their duty as preparing a political and religious system to be ready for the return of Christ. This need to prepare a theocracy to usher in the return of Christ led to the development of concepts such as “religious sovereignty,” where Smith declared the Mormons a separate religious nation within the political entity of the United States, and “theocratic ethics,” where Mormon leaders argued for their right to perform civil functions without sanction of the state, defended their right to ignore the laws of the state when they were in conflict with the “laws of God.” This new theocratic view created a great deal of friction and violence between the Mormons and Gentiles of Missouri.” The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power–A Reviewby Garn LeBaron Jr.http://www.exmormon.org/hierarch.htm

  3. I like Glenn. I agree with most of his opinions on most issues. But he is misinformed or excessively forgiving or hopeful about Islam.His belief is that the Muslim religion has been “hijacked.” That Islam is, at its core, a peaceloving religion – practiced by many fine and kind people he has met.I recently sent Glenn an e-mail in response to a similar statement he made in defense of Islam. I said, Glenn, if you lived in 1939, you would have also claimed that you met many fine and kind Nazi’s. That Nazism has been hijacked by a radical element. At their core, they are peaceloving. You might have said. “I think Nazi’s coming out and voting is a very good thing.” In fact, on page 147 of his book, An Inconvenient Book, Glenn quoted himself in a previous interview: “I think the Somalians coming out and voting is a very good thing.”As it turns out “the leader of Somalia’s autonomous region of Puntland has agreed to introduce Islamic law in the territory” as reported by the BBC. Puntland comprises about one third of the area of the nation of Somalia. Similar Sharia inspiring declarations are being made in parts of Pakistan and I will bet will occur in Iraq within a short time after our withdrawal. This is Islam’s “democracy”: “one vote – one time.”What Glenn and many others fail to understand is that the upstanding and kind Muslims we know in this country fall into one of two categories. Either they are ignorant of or uncommited toward the historical Islam (as pronouced in the latter and more binding sections of the Koran), or they are being secretive about their beliefs and aspirations regarding Islam – their practice of “taqiyya.”I would compare the first possibility to the lack of earnestness of the beliefs of the “nominal Christian” toward his faith. He may claim to be Christian, he may also go to church on occasion, but his knowledge of, faith in and allegience to his religion is sorely lacking. They may be “good people”, but they know and really believe squat about their religion. These “nominal Christians” don’t represent Christianity any more than the “good people” Glenn chooses as examples of Muslims represent Islam.Glenn fails to understand that the basics of Islam practiced by Mohammed promotes exactly what the so-called “radical element” of Islam is practicing today. Will the “real Muslims please stand up.” And, in fact, they are. In all their jihadi-practicing faith and terror. The call for Sharia law in Muslim-dominated nations across the globe are bearing this out.Those we perceive as the “good American, family-oriented” neighborly Muslims are more than likely the nominal Muslim – the ones who don’t really practice the basic tenants of their faith. That is where Glenn, and many others, are misinformed. Please refer to my blog that further documents this position: http://www.muccings.blogspot.com

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