2008: Good News: Hundreds Thank Mormon Church for Supporting Marriage / Citizens Link

See the original of this post on the Citizens Link website at this link.

Love and thanks for these very helpful people.

Again I am reminded how true it is that, this time, the right people are our friends, and the right people are our opponents.

Steve St.Clair
Good News: Hundreds Thank Mormon Church for Supporting Marriage

The National Organization for Marriage has launched a petition drive in response to incendiary attacks from gay activists in California and around the U.S. AboveTheHate.com has collected nearly 1,500 signatures of people thanking the Mormon Church for its support of Prop. 8, California’s marriage-protection amendment.

The list includes Dr. James Dobson and Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family, Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Bishop Harry Jackson and other marriage advocates. The public is invited to sign on, as well.

Since Prop. 8 passed Nov. 4, gay activists have vandalized property, disrupted Sunday services and mailed threatening letters to marriage advocates around the country. The Mormon Church has been a primary target.

Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, said: “The answer is to organize together in defense not only of marriage, and God’s truth about marriage, but in defense of basic, American decency about how we treat each other when we disagree.”

Bishop Harry Jackson, chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, said the petition makes an important statement “that we are going to operate with Christian integrity no matter how the other side operates.”

— Family News in Focus


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