2008:Both Proposition 8 sides hope for final surge / San Francisco Chronicle

I appreciate the way the San Francisco Chronicle has acquited itself during the Proposition 8 discussions. They clearly were against the passage of Proposition 8, but I will note that their reporting has nonetheless been fair, balanced, and not belittling of either side. Thanks very much!
This article summarizes where the Proposition 8 race is at present, and describes clearly three factors in favor of its passing:
On Gay Marriage issues, there is always a big “Sunday Surge” where concervative Christians (including Latter-day Saints) get the message that this is a moral issue of great importance, and it causes a surge in the direction of banning gay marriage;
On the gay marriage issue, a “Bradley” effect comes into play, where a percentage of the electorate says they will permit it to pollsters and then does the opposite in the voting booth; and
the third (which includes the other two factors) is that our country .. Especially in its interior but also true in coastal states, actually never fails to pass a gay marriage ban. The only places where it has been institute (Massachusetts, California, and most recently Connecticut), out-of-control judges impose it on the people.
We love you all, but you are on the wrong side of history on this one. When they are united, Conservative Christians and Orthodox Jews have enough numbers to set the tone for our civilization. We are done letting the 2% how are gays and lesbians, and the small number of secular educated opinion leaders do it for us; we don’t like the immorality and post-modern attitudes that “anything goes”.
With California’s example, other states, including purples states along the coasts will take the same moves within a year or two. At that point, we’ll be ready … and with the votes in the states … to work on a U.S. constitutional amendment defining traditional marriage.

To make matters better for us, there is hope of a Christan resurgence in Europe. His Pope Benedict has taken it on himself to “Re-Evangelize Europe” during the time he is Pope, He is working with the newly-elected concervative and church-going Presidents in France and Germany, among other things.

See the original of this article on the website of the San Francisco Chronicle at this link.

Love & Thanks,

Steve St.Clair
Both Proposition 8 sides hope for final surge
Saturday, November 1, 2008

With spending on Proposition 8 likely to top $70 million – and poll after poll showing the race tightening – both sides of California’s same-sex marriage battle are laying their hopes on a last-minute surge.

The pro-same-sexers are betting on the coattails of a big sympathetic turnout generated by Barack Obama’s run for the presidency. Democratic tracking polls show that 7 out of 10 Obama voters are ready to vote “no” on the proposed constitutional amendment the marriages. (Steve St.Clair’s NOTE: but 7 out of 10 BLACK Obama voters will vote FOR Proposition 8, and it will put us over the top).

The anti-same-sex marriage campaign is betting on something that may be just as powerful – a last-minute “Sunday surge” of ministers campaigning from the pulpit.

That factor appeared to play a role in 2000 when voters passed Proposition 22, which defined marriage as only between a man and a woman.

The state Supreme Court tossed out the definition in its May ruling making same-sex weddings legal, adding fire to the current fight.

Going into the final weekend of the 2000 race, 53 percent of the voters surveyed said they favored Prop. 22. Come election Tuesday, however, the measure scooped up a big 61 percent.

Exit polling showed that much of the late boost was the result of churchgoers.

“Ministers lobbied their congregations right at the last minute when people’s attention was most focused,” said Mark DiCamillo of the Field Poll organization.

“It was particularly evident in the Catholic vote,” Field said.

There’s another reason for the same-sex marriage forces to be nervous.

When it comes to gay and lesbian marriage, voters across the nation have repeatedly told pollsters one thing before going into the booth, then done the opposite when they got there.

In Michigan, the Gallup Poll in September 2004 had a ban on same-sex marriage losing, with just 44 percent, 51 percent opposed and the rest undecided. Come November, it ended up winning, by a lot – 59 percent to 41 percent.

Two years later, a same-sex marriage ban in Wisconsin showed 54 percent support in pre-election polls. It passed with 59 percent.

In fact, same-sex marriage has lost practically everywhere it has been on the ballot. No on 8 advocates, however, think attitudes are changing.

“That certainly was true a few years ago,” No on 8 campaign consultant Steve Smith said of knee-jerk voter opposition to the marriages. “But I don’t believe it is true any longer.”

The bigger issue on Prop. 8, he said, is “people being confused that voting ‘no’ means ‘yes’ to gay marriage, while voting ‘yes’ means ‘no’ to gay marriage – and that’s something that cuts both ways.”

And if you’re not confused already, the Yes on 8 campaign put out a slick, last-minute mailer Saturday with a big picture of Obama declaring, “I’m not in favor of gay marriage.” Never mind that he hasn’t endorsed Prop. 8.


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