2008: Teachers Union Uses Dues to Defeat Prop 8 / KGET News

This is so infuriating. The Teachers Union is so far out of bounds!!!
Please send an e-mail of protest to: webmaster@cta.org
Here is the e-mail I sent myself:

I am really upset at the CTA’s support of a highly political and polarizing proposition, Prop 8. What a ridiculous use of money. What do you think your tens of thousands of Catholic, Conservative Christian, Latter-day Saint, Orthodox Jewish, and Eastern Orthodox teachers think of this mis-use of their dues?

Clearly the California Teacher’s Association has forgotten that they work for us, the citizens of California They are being paid to teach our children, not waste their time and money on a political campaign that should be voted fairly by the citizens.

We will be watching the anti-marriage and anti-family messages conveyed by the educational establishment to our children, and raise hell / oops, heaven .. when you do.

In the meantime, I will be finding a way to join in a future proposition requiring that state employees do the work for which they are paid, and be barred from taking sides in political actions. What an obvious conflict of interest! We will also consider the possibility of specifying that no dues of unions of state employees can ever be spent on elections, legislation, or propositions without the individual consent of each member.

Thanks much,
A Highly-Agitated Citizen of California

See the original article on the KGET News Site at this link.


Steve St.Clair
Teachers Union Uses Dues to Defeat Prop 8
Last Update: 7:00 pm

The California Teachers Association is creating controversy after throwing its support and more than a million dollars behind an effort to defeat Prop. 8.The union represents almost all teachers in Kern County. Some say the union is overstepping its authority.
Prop. 8 would overturn a decision by the California Supreme Court. Supporters say if Prop. 8 passes, gay marriage would become illegal in the state.
The issue of gay marriage is so controversial that some teachers say they’re surprised the teacher’s union stepped into the fray.
“Fighting for better legislation to better protect our teachers,” would be a good use of her dues money, according to Highland High Teacher Mindy Montanio. ”I think the money would have been more wisely spent and I think more people would have agreed with the money being spent that way.”
“Our local association, our state council representatives in Kern County really lobbied against supporting proposition 8, in fact, really taking a neutral stance against Prop. 8,” said Montanio.
But the state’s largest teacher’s union isn’t staying neutral.The CTA gave $1.25 million — money from members’ dues — to Equality for All, a coalition of groups working to defeat Prop. 8.
“Well, we teach civil rights every day in school,” said CTA Chapter President Mary Dick.
The union refused again Thursday to discuss its decision, but a chapter president outside Sacramento had this to say; “We believe it’s a civil rights issue. We’re concerned when there’s an initiative that seeks to segregate against a group of people and discriminate against them,” said Dick
.”I wouldn’t have preferred my union dues going to favor or oppose any proposition. We voice our individuals, but the CTA, as long as it goes through the process, can allocate the money in the way they see best serves their organization,” said Highland Science Teacher Mike Coburn.
Those who don’t agree with the union’s decision are directing teachers to cut off their dues and opt to send the money instead to the charitable organization of their choice.

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  1. Indeed, it’s truly disappointing but not unexpected. I don’t have very much faith in unions, especially those that misuse their influence and money without proper representation.< HREF="http://yes-on-prop8.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">My YES on Prop 8 Blog<>.

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