2008: Yes on 8 Launches Statewide Bus Tour; Traditional Marriage Campaign Unveils New TV Ad / Christian News Service

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Watch the video on YouTube by clicking on this link: 2008: Yes on Proposition 8 Ad “Its EVERYTHING to do with Schools!” / YouTube

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Yes on 8 Launches Statewide Bus Tour; Traditional Marriage Campaign Unveils New TV Ad
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SACRAMENTO, October 20 /Christian Newswire/ —
Yes on 8 kicked off its statewide bus tour today, with a press conference and rally at Riverside Wesleyan Church in Sacramento.

During the press conference, the Yes on 8 campaign unveiled its new hard-hitting TV ad, which began airing Monday. The ad addresses the clear objective of gay rights activists to introduce gay marriage into California public elementary schools. The new ad underscores the Yes campaigns message that unless Prop. 8 passes, gay marriage will be taught in California elementary schools. “Same sex marriage will be taught in public schools if Prop. 8 does not pass,” said Yes on 8 campaign manager Frank Schubert. The new ad, “Everything To Do With Schools,” can be viewed on the campaign’s website, www.ProtectMarriage.com.

At the press conference, the campaign introduced Robb and Robin Wirthlin, the parents who challenged gay marriage instruction in Massachusetts schools and who are featured in the new ad. The Wirthlins are parents of three children and live in Massachusetts. Two years ago, their young 2nd grade son came home from school and announced to his parents that he had learned during story time that a “prince could marry a prince.” The Wirthlins were astounded and immediately contacted the elementary school. They were rebuffed by the public school for questioning the curriculum and told they were not permitted to opt out.

The Wirthlins felt they deserved to have notice before such a story was introduced in the classroom and ultimately filed suit in the matter. In 2007, Parker v. Hurley was heard before the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts and the court ruled that the Wirthlins had no right to notice, no right to “opt out,” and no right to have a voice in the curriculum as it relates to gay marriage in a state where gay marriage is legal. The Wirthlins’ case was submitted to the United States Supreme Court this year, and just two weeks ago the case was declined without comment by the Court.

Referring to their seven year old son, Joey, who was taught about gay marriage in public school, Robin Wirthlin said, “He’s in second grade.” “The court said we had no right to object or pull him out of class,” Robb Wirthlin added.

According to the Yes campaign, the new ad proves that children in Massachusetts are already being taught about gay marriage in public schools.

The Sacramento press conference was followed by a rally which kicked-off a statewide bus tour by the Yes on 8 campaign. The rally was attended by many supporters of Prop. 8 who chanted in support of traditional marriage and waived “Yes on 8” signs.


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