2008: Support Proposition 8 against same-sex marriage / Visalia Times-Delta

See the original of this letter to the editor on the webste of the Visalia Times-Delta at this link.
Thanks much,
Steve St.Clair
October 18, 2008
Support Proposition 8 against same-sex marriage
Earlier this year, California’s Supreme Court ruled to take away freedom of speech and freedom of religion from millions of Californians by overturning Proposition 22 and ignoring the fact that 61 percent of California voters had already voted in 2000 to keep marriage only between a man and a woman. Because of this ruling, churches may be sued for hate speech when they teach that homosexual lifestyles are wrong, school teachers may be required to teach that same-sex and heterosexual marriages are equal, and religious adoption agencies may be forced to choose between adopting children out to homosexual couples or closing their doors (this has already happened to a Catholic adoption agency in Massachusetts).

Just recently, here in California, the Supreme Court denied a private group of Christian doctors the right to turn down the request of a lesbian to be artificially inseminated.
While I am in complete agreement with the idea that those who suffer from same-sex attraction have been treated cruelly in the past and that this needs to change, I do not feel that we as a society need to accept their lifestyle choices as acceptable or OK. Our society is based on the wonderful institution of marriage and family. In study after study we see that when children are raised in homes where a man and a woman preside together, they are much more likely to have a stable and successful childhood and future. All of a sudden, a very small minority of gender-confused people want to experiment with society and change all the rules again.
We’ve already seen what divorce-on-demand is doing to our society. Why would another family-based societal experiment like same-sex marriage do anything to better our world? I say, let’s go back to the traditional values that give children the best possible chance to be successful and happy in life.
We need to stop the terrible downward cycle that the small group of same-sex couples and their powerful corporate allies are pulling us toward. Let’s tell the California Supreme Court to stop taking our voices away from us and vote yes on Proposition 8.


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