2008: ELECTION: Local churches to simulcast Yes on Prop. 8 rally / North County Times

I plan to attend my local location for this gigantic statewide Evangelical simulcast on Proposition 8 at Knott Avenue Christian Church.
See the original article on the North County Times at this link.

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Steve St.Clair
ELECTION: Local churches to simulcast Yes on Prop. 8 rally
By TERI FIGUEROA – Staff Writer
Last modified Friday, October 17, 2008 10:19 PM PDT

Opponents of same-sex marriage are hosting a rally Sunday, set to be simulcast at churches throughout the state, including about a dozen in North County.
Forces on both sides of Proposition 8, one of the more controversial measures on the November ballot, have mobilized using phone banks, knocking on doors and dueling television commercials.
Prop. 8 seeks to change the California Constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. It would overturn a state Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that allowed same-sex unions.
Many churches have been proponents of the measure, and the Sunday simulcast —- presentations by activists and attorneys —- is intended to rally viewers to get like-minded voters to the polls.
“This is a moral, biblical issue, not a political issue at all to me,” said Pastor Jim Garlow, whose Skyline Wesleyan Church in La Mesa is hosting the program for the simulcast. “This kind of activism in our life in written into our spiritual DNA.”
Activists on the other side of the issue have been gearing up as well, and do not concede the faith-based vote to their opponents.
“There are a number of faith-based institutions and leaders and believers who recognize that Prop. 8 would eliminate rights and are opposed to it,” said Dale Kelly Bankhead, a San Diego-based spokeswoman for the No on 8 campaign. “These are mainstream organizations. Of course we have supporters across the spectrum, and that includes the traditional Christian churches.
“On Thursday, faith leaders manned phone banks statewide to call voters and “correct the false statements that have been made about Proposition 8 by other religious voices,” according to a media release from the No on 8 campaign.
Among those slated to appear in Sunday’s simulcast in support of Prop. 8 are the attorney who represented a group of San Diego firefighters who sued after they were forced by their employer to take part in a gay-pride parade, and the attorney for a Vista doctor who refused to inseminate an Oceanside woman who is a lesbian.
Churches from Encinitas to Escondido, Rancho Bernardo to Lake Elsinore, have signed up to present the 90-minute show. It will also be available for viewing on the Internet.
The same-sex marriage battle has stirred a grass-roots movement in the churches, and Garlow has been part of the team pulling together pastors through the state to promote the proposition.
He said hundreds of pastors who support Prop. 8 started meeting via conference call monthly in June, and have recently bumped that up to twice a month.
They also are planning a daylong prayer rally of about 70,000 people at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego on Nov. 1.
And what of mixing churches, politics and taxes?
According to the Internal Revenue Service, churches are in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status if they promote individual candidates.
But the restrictions are different when it comes to churches lobbying for ballot measures. Churches may engage in some lobbying, according to the IRS, but too much lobbying puts their tax-exempt status at risk.
Each situation is looked at on a case-by-case basis.
For links to the campaign Web sites, as well as a link to the list of churches hosting the show Sunday, go to nctimes.com.T
o find a list of churches hosting the simulcast, go to http://www.protectmarriagesimulcast.com.Campaign
Contact staff writer Teri Figueroa at (760) 740-5442 or tfigueroa@nctimes.com.


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