2008: Voting ‘yes’ for Proposition 8 gives voice back to people / Eureka Reporter

See the original of this letter to the editor in the Eureka Reporter website at this link.
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Steve St.Clair
Voting ‘yes’ for Proposition 8 gives voice back to people
By Candy Carter
Published: Oct 11 2008, 11:29 PM · Updated: Oct 11 2008, 11:30 PM

Dear Editor,
I’ve recently spoken with people in our community about Proposition 8. Several I’ve encountered said they didn’t agree with gay marriage. Yet, they weren’t sure if they should impose their beliefs on others.

I’d like to point out that four California Supreme Court judges had no such pause as they overturned the voice of the people. We will find out on Nov. 4 if the majority’s view has changed on this issue, but before you mark your ballot, be sure you know just what you are imposing upon others.
In the state of California, same-sex couples are entitled to the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as married couples under the Domestic Partnership Law. A “no” vote doesn’t give same-sex couples rights they don’t have now. All it does is change the meaning of a word, one that has, since the beginning of time, signified the committed relationship between a man and a woman.
It’s true that those of us who want the definition of marriage to remain what it has always been are imposing our beliefs, but when the majority speaks, the imposition is honored — or at least that’s how it used to work in this country. A
“yes” vote on Proposition 8 doesn’t take anything away from anybody; it does however, reinstate the voice of the people.
Candy Carter

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