2008: Invitation to Evangelical Young People to Attend Glendale Conference August 16 / Bishop Bob Davis

See the original of this invitation at this link.

Thanks again, Bishop Davis, for the great work.

Thanks much,
Steve St.Clair


Friends from Other Faiths

The Mormon (LDS) young adults of the Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, and Arcadia areas are sponsoring a Conference. It is a series of activities over a four-day period in which there will be opportunities to grow in love of God and fellowman.

In fact, the Conference theme, taken from John 13:34, is “As I Have Loved You….”

You can learn more about the Conference by going to the website: glendale7th.com.

One of the highlights will be a conversation on Saturday afternoon between Robert Millet, former Dean of Religious Instruction at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and Pastor Greg Johnson who leads an organization to advance Christian unity among evangelical congregations and pastors and to foster a culturally sensitive dialogue between evangelicals and Mormons called Standing Together.

Robert Millet and Greg Johnson, who have co-authored a book called Bridging the Divide, will be having a conversation that seeks to mend wounds between two faith traditions. They are achieving their goal. An unintended consequence of their dialogues could result in a new voice of Christian unity that might have a profound political effect.

The back-story: Johnson, the Evangelical, was raised as a Mormon in Utah, had a personal encounter with Jesus in his mid teens and became Born Again. Millet is part of the intellectual aristocracy of the Mormon Church. Evangelicals do not recognize Mormons as Christians. Mormons believe in the Book of Mormon.

“Debates between Mormons and Evangelicals have been a common thing and you can certainly draw a crowd when you have that kind of an event because people want to see the fists fly.” writes Greg Johnson. But what Johnson and Millet had in mind was not a debate, but a dialogue. And to accomplish that, they came up with a revolutionary idea: to stop trying to convert each other. Johnson and Millet wanted a conversation without the pretence of conquest and the pressure for either to concede to what each hold sacred about their faith.

What started as a private talk ten years ago became public when the authors opened their dialogues to others, taking questions from Evangelical and Mormon audiences. To date they have appeared in over 50 churches and universities attracting as many as 1,600 people at a single event. Many come expecting a Mormon and an Evangelical debating each other; what emerges is an impressive journey over a fragile bridge that has divided the two faiths.

You are invited to attend this conversation as well as the other activities of the Conference, including a special two-hour worship service on Sunday at 1:00pm.

Registration for the entire conference can be done online at: glendale7th.com.-

Bishop Bob Davis
(This was a letter sent out to invite members of the Evangelical Community to join our Conference.)


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