2008: Mitt Romney buys home in La Jolla, California / Mormon Times

Welcome to Southern California, Governor!

You will love the weather.

See the original article on Mormon Times at this link.

Thanks much,
Steve St.Clair

Mitt Romney Buys Home in La Jolla, California
By Glen Johnson
Associated Press
Published: Wednesday, May. 28, 2008

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has reached a deal to buy a home in southern California.

The unsuccessful Republican presidential contender is closing at the end of the month on a property in La Jolla, just north of San Diego, Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom confirmed Saturday.

While California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is term-limited and must leave office after 2010, the spokesman denied any political positioning. Romney finance chairwoman Meg Whitman, the former chief executive of eBay, is also reported to be considering her own campaign for California governor.

“Gov. Romney has been looking at property on the West Coast because he has family in California, and because his wife, Ann, spends a good deal of time there riding horses,” Fehrnstrom said.

One of Romney’s five sons, Matt, lives outside San Diego, while son Josh lives in Salt Lake City.
Romney also owns homes in Belmont, Mass., Wolfeboro, N.H., and Deer Valley, Utah.



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2 responses to “2008: Mitt Romney buys home in La Jolla, California / Mormon Times

  1. Mitt is my new neighbor. My dad met him the other day. He seems cool but is completely clueless about the ocean.

  2. Anonymous

    Yah! Just found out Mitt Romney’s family has a home here in La Jolla. I’m not Mormon, but what I have viewed of his family shows me he’s more than just financially successful. What an asset he will be to California. I’m hoping he will be Vice President!

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