2008: LDS historian concludes Brigham Young did not order Mountain Meadows Massacre / Richard Turley, Mormon History Association

Those of us who follow this closely know this important piece of information from the presentation the Dr. Turley gave at Claremont Graduate School about his new book.

It also does not mean the local LDS leaders and members were not responsible for the massacre, and tried to hide it after it happened. The Church itself, and I as a loyal member of the Church, are deeply sorry for this terrible blot on our history, and will do anything to ease the sorrow of those whose families have been affected by it.

See the original of this post on the Salt Lake Tribune website at this link.

Thanks much,
Steve St.Clair


LDS historian concludes Brigham Young did not order Mountain Meadows Massacre
The Associated Press
Posted: 1:01 PM- SACRAMENTO, Calif.

A historian says there is not enough evidence to conclude that Brigham Young ordered the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857 that killed 120 Arkansas emigrants. Richard Turley was one of three people hired by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to examine the massacre, including the role of the former LDS Church president.

Turley, the church’s assistant historian, spoke Saturday at the annual meeting of the Mormon History Association.

He says the three authors hired to do the project worked with dozens of researchers and examined documents from archives across the country looking for any evidence related to the incident.

After reviewing all of the evidence, Turley concludes that Young didn’t order the massacre in southern Utah.

A book is scheduled for this summer or fall.


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