2008: Elder D Todd Christopherson: A Sense of the Sacred / Mormon Times

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Elder D Todd Christopherson: A Sense of the Sacred
By R. Scott Lloyd, LDS Church News staff writer
Published: Friday, Apr. 18, 2008

When Elder D. Todd Christofferson and his wife, Kathy, were newlyweds striving to adhere to a tight budget, she decided to create a meaningful, though inexpensive, Christmas present for him: a scrapbook representing his life up to that point.

In correspondence with his mother, she learned of an incident in his youth that she feels represents his character in a figurative way.

As she relates the story, he was about 12 when his family lived on a small farm in the central Utah community of Lindon. His father, a veterinarian, was in Chicago on a business trip.As fate would have it, in the midst of an early spring blizzard, lambs were born to 13 ewes on the farm.”His father called home the next day, after hearing there had been a blizzard and said, ‘So how many lambs did we lose?”‘ Sister Christofferson recalled. Rather than responding directly, the mother put Todd on the phone to report, “Dad, we didn’t lose any lambs.”

It had been an all-night vigil for the young man, whose grandfather had come over to show him how to rub the lambs with gunny sacks to keep them warm and how to get their mothers to care for them so they would survive. But against the odds, and despite the inclement conditions, he had been totally successful.

To Sister Christofferson, the incident illustrates the faithfulness and tenacity that characterizes her husband’s watch care over the Savior’s lambs that have come under his stewardship over the years.

It is a trait she has observed since the two met as students at BYU, where she was a Cougarette at a football game and he was helping with crowd control. Within a year, they were married, and she has been by his side as he has served in various leadership positions in the Church over the years, including the past 15 as a member of the Seventy, most recently in the Presidency of the Seventy.

Thus steeped in many years of service, Elder Christofferson became the newest member of the Quorum of the Twelve, as announced during the solemn assembly at general conference on April 5. (Steve St.Clair note: see his address at the conference, entitled “Born Again”).

Alert Church members might have noticed that the March edition of the Ensign, the special issue on the Savior, contained an article by Elder Christofferson on “Becoming a Witness of Christ” (pp. 58-63). An apostle, of course, has a special charge to be a witness of Christ in all the world (see Doctrine and Covenants 107:23).


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