1996: City fathers give church a bigger cross to bear / Orange County Register

This is a story in the Orange County Register in 1996 about the Church in Cypress California which got permission to build a taller cross because of my appearance before the city council in their behalf. I remember saying something to the effect that “even though there are things around us that make us look at the ground, anything that makes people look upward is a step in the right direction”.

Thanks much,
Steve St.Clair
City fathers give church a bigger cross to bear
CHURCH: The council agrees to a cross and steeple 50 feet high.
May 29, 1996
The Orange County Register

Athletes once came to the gray, bland box along Ball Road to play racquetball and worship their bodies. Soon, folks may come to the same box to raise their spirits in prayer and worship their God.
But first the Holy Faith Korean Presbyterian Church wants to make the former gym look more like a church. On Tuesday, church members got some help. The City Council _ which in November had insisted on limiting a steeple and cross to 40 feet instead of the 66 feet requested _ agreed to an (download rest of story from Orange County Register archives)


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