2008: Presentations on Religious Stereotypes and Mormonism, Religion, and Politics / Claremont Graduate School

I have received this information from Joseph Bentley, Chairman of the Council for Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University, about two very interesting events with LDS presenters and with LDS themes.

Thanks much,

Steve St.Clair
Calling all Scholars, Friends and Colleagues ~

Attached above are flyers to two outstanding conferences to be held at Claremont Graduate University this month. Our own Claremont Mormon Studies Students Assn. is sponsoring their first conference on 4/19/08, with a very timely theme. The previous weekend is a conference sponsored by the Claremont School of Religion, headed by our own Richard Livingston, President of the CMSSA. I hope to see you at both events if your schedules will permit.


4/13/08, Sunday (2 pm) ~ Panel on “Mirrors and Windows: Facing Religious Stereotypes and Prejudice” Our LDS speaker (Mark Paredes of So. Calif. Public Affairs, an attorney employed by the U.S. Israeli Consul) will speak after most LDS members are out of Church (2 pm). This will be at the Burkle Family Building on the CGU Campus, 1021 N. Dartmouth Ave. (one block north of the School of Religion).


4/19/08, Saturday (7 pm) ~ Panel on “Mormonism, Religion and Politics”, including Richard Bushman, Kelley Patterson (head of the Political Science Dept. at BYU) and a renowned political science professor at CGU. This will be held in the Mudd Auditorium where both Truman Madsen and Richard Turley spoke – on the north side of Foothill Boulevard between Indian Hill Road and College Avenue. Parking in the rear of the auditorium.


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  1. Hello,I have a question about your picture. In your profile picture it looks like you are standing perfectly straight. And yet when I look at the background the book cases are not level. What’s up with that?Thanks,Inquiring Mind

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