2008: Kenneth Cope’s New Album "It’s All About You" / Steve St.Clair

Kenneth Cope’s music has been amazing Latter-day Saint Audiences for many years. In the last two albums, he has broadened his repertoire, and his appeal, by recording songs by some of the most talented Contemporary Christian performers, and I got to be part of his performance of them at the unforgettable event a Biola University where 400 Latter-day Saints and 400 Evangelicals related ot Biola experienced them.
I am completely captivated by his new album in 2008, “It’s All About You”. I will be distributing copies of it to the many Evangelical and Conservate Christian friends and acquaintances, and especially to the Worship Leaders at a number of the Orange County mega-churches. Order the album on Deseretbook.com at this link.
I will have many more posts on the subject, including some of the dazzling lyrics and pointers to links on the Deseret Book site where little clips of them can be listened to.
Kenneth Cope, in my opinion, is likely to play an important part in the Church’s ongoing interest in building close relationships with other Christians. From being involved in its planning, I know that a new meeting of Evangelical and LDS leaders, scholars, and members is being planned for this summer in a gigantic Orange County mega-church for some time in August 2008. I will be doing everything I can to arrange for Kenneth Cope to be invited to be on the program.

Kenneth has expressed to that he has attended several of the Millet / Johnson dialogs in the last few years, and is a gigantic supporter of the bridges that they are trying to build.

There is a kickoff concert for the new Album in Salt Lake City on April 3, 2008

The text below is from an interview about the album originally on the “Positive Music and Arts” website. The book mentions a future book by Kenneth. When can we hope to see that? See the original of the interview at this link.
The Album Release concert will be on April 3rd, 2008 at 7pm at the Jeanne’ Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake City. You can purchase tickets for this unforgettable event online for $10, $12, or $15 at this link.
Love & Thanks,
Steve St.Clair
All About Ken Cope’s New “All About You” Album
Kenneth Cope’s new album, All About You, has only been on the shelves for two weeks and it’s already on the Top-10 Album List! It’s a great CD and we hope you’re loving it as much as we are. If you haven’t picked it up, you’ve got to! You can buy it at DeseretBook.com or at LDS Bookstores worldwide.

And don’t forget about the Album Release Concert on April 3. That’s only 3 weeks away! Join us for a night of great music and good, clean fun. The concert will showcase some of the favorite songs you know and love, plus the debut of Kenneth’s brand-new album. Click here to purchase your tickets now! See you there.

Lastly, we recently sat down with Kenneth for a “game” of 20 Questions. We thought you might enjoy reading the interview. Here it is – unedited! Enjoy!-The KennethCope.com Team
20 Questions with Kenneth Cope
1. Where did the inspiration for All About You come from?
For me, All About You is a collection of thoughts and feelings I’ve had over the last few years. The truth is, I don’t consider myself a great songwriter. I do see myself as a song receiver, but the songs usually come slowly and over the course of much meditation. And as the songs take form, I have a gift to feel what’s not quite right, both in lyric and melody. If I can stay true to those feelings, and continue focusing on fixing what’s not right, then eventually the song turns up finished and feels complete.
2. How would you describe the feel of this album?
More than 20 years ago, I began my musical career focusing my songwriting on the youth and young adults of the Church. I wanted to communicate to them in their own musical language, a language with which I was then very familiar. I used my music to speak and perform all over the Church, hoping to connect with those younger ears and be an added source of strength—if even a little bit—for any of them with whom I could make contact. This project is a more focused return to that earlier mission. It’s filled with energy and praise. It’s intended to not only inspire reverent reflection with its more peaceful ballads, but also, with its up-temp songs, bring an added measure of joy and energy to our weekly lives that so often seem void of religious significance.
3. How does this album differ from your others?
Most of the people who know some of my music will be surprised by the contemporary energy of this album. Most are used to the more slow-paced inspirational music I’ve done. This will actually be my fourth more contemporary album of the eleven I’ve created.
4. Is there a specific song that has special meaning to you?
Each of these songs has great significance to me. As a whole they reflect a chapter of thought in my life…a passage of time when my heart has been more focused on the generous grace and loving kindness of a most patient, Heavenly Father and a persistently shepherding Savior. These songs are filled with praise, joy, and hope. My prayer is that the listener will sense the honesty of that praising and find an extra measure of joy and hope for themselves.
5. Ideally, what would you like to have happen when people listen hear this album?
I believe the human soul intuitively recognizes what helps it, what lifts it, what blesses it. I hope that those who believe in God and Christ, and who enjoy higher energy music will taste a deliciousness in this music and feel the songs lifting them upward.
6. What is the relationship between you and your songs?
Like I mentioned earlier, these songs reflect how I truly feel. They are like a scrapbook of the reflections of my soul at the time of their creation.
7. How does your faith fit into your music?
My faith is at the core of my music. I have a passionate desire to make music that encourages faith and stimulates hope. The lyrics and meaning of the songs are my primary concern. Of course they must be placed in a musical context that feels appropriate. Regarding this balance, I have stayed true to that inner voice over the years and feel confident I am on the Lord’s side.
8. What is the proudest moment of your musical career?
As it regards my music, my greatest moments of spiritual joy come when I see in some face a connection with the message, when God is talking to them and using the music as a tool to say what He wants them to know.
9. What would you say is your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement is to be used by God in some way to bring about some good in the world.
10. So what would you say is the best thing in your life right now?
My family and friends are the best things in my life right now. There’s a real consistency and joy there that I can continue to count on.
11. Where do you see your musical career going from here?
Where ever God will take it. I’ve tried to be open and leave it up to Him. I can see how He’s orchestrated so much of my musical journey thus far. I am trying to trust and follow.
12. Who’s your musical inspiration?
I have been influenced by so many great writers, musicians, and performers over the years, from all different genres of music and poetry. I continue to gravitate to anything praiseworthy that’s done well. I try to see what makes me love it and then learn from it.
13. What kind of music do you enjoy?
I absolutely love soul-stirring musical soundtracks to movies. I also love powerful Christian music. I’m also very moved by some brilliant musical theater. I love music that communicates with its listener. I enjoy music of almost all kinds.
14. If you could do anything, what would it be?
I’ve never had the luxury of being able to create the words and music for a project in a beautiful setting of nature…to stay on the Oregon Coast, or some other breathtaking location and write with the creations of God all around me, filling my senses of sight, sound, and smell. I would love to create in that atmosphere. From time to time, a song has been started, or finished in some similar place, but for the most part, my music has been created in a basement office without so much as a window showing me the outside world. Thankfully, God can inspire His work in such a place as a basement.Also, I would love to go to the Holy Land and write there. I’ve been there once, which was an opportunity most people don’t get, but I would love to walk the hillsides and old roads and shorelines of the area of the world where Jesus lived out His amazing life. For me, that would be an amazing setting in which to create. Last of all, I would love to someday form the words and sentences and write a book of the many things I believe that God has taught me over the years about who we are and our purpose here on earth.
15. If you could improve one thing about your life, what would it be?
I would love to be able to put myself more in Christ’s hands and have complete trust in the outcome.
16. What are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about a personal loving Father in the heavens and His amazing Son, Jesus, my Redeemer. Seeking to know and be near them has been my life’s most constant meditation. I am also most passionate about my earthly family—my wife, Kathy, and our three beloved daughters. Personally, no earthly honor, attainment or diversion has ever been able to eclipse the joy I continue to feel in the company of my family. And thirdly, I am most passionate about my friends, a few of which have persistently been there for me through the greatest difficulties of my life.
17. What are a few of your favorite things?
Some of my personal favorite creature comforts are ice cream and baked goods. I love Italian food. I’m a dairy freak…cheese, yogurt, milk, more ice cream. I love so many colors, but my favorite is blue in all its many shades and nuances. I love Hawaii. Having lived there as a child and having gone back to visit more than a score of times since has made Hawaii a home away from home for me. I love the ocean. I love the sound it makes. (There’s a continuous symbolic cleansing taking place.) I have a hope to live next to it someday. I love to be in nature.
18. Do you have any hobbies?
Actually over the course of the last year, I discovered a new hobby. I love to photograph nature. I love to see God in the massive spontaneous cloud formations, as well as in the miniature details of a leaf, or wildflower, or butterfly. I also love to read a great book. And I love other people’s thoughts that stir reflection in me.
19. What would you say if someone asked what the purpose of life is?
We are here to be enlarged…to have our hearts grow in love and compassion and mercy for each other. We are here to be enlarged in faith…to trust God implicitly, no matter our circumstances. We are here to learn humility.
20. If you could leave one piece of advice behind what would it be?
It will be in the book…

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