2008: What People are Saying about Standing Together / Greg Johnson

Steve St.Clair
What People are Saying about Standing Together
Greg Johnson

So what are people saying about Standing Together? Here are a few examples of how people react when asked about the STANDING TOGETHER ministry.
“I commend the work of Greg Johnson and his ministry, Standing Together. Standing Together gives us a model of gracious witness to the truth and love of Jesus Christ in the midst of diverse views.”

Dr. Ravi Zacharias
President, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Author and Speaker

“Standing Together embodies the spirit of Christian unity at its best -where people who confess Christ as Savior and Lord pray and work together, witnessing to the transforming power of the Gospel. I am pleased that Utah is blessed with this important ministry.”

Dr. Richard J. Mouw
President and Professor of Christian Philosophy
Fuller Theological Seminary

“I have been associated with Greg for the past 20 years. I have seen him develop and grow in his commitment and passion for serving Christ by serving people. I have seen how God is affirming this ministry and believe He will use it in a mighty way in the days to come.”

Rev. V. Eric Nachtrieb
National Director of Development: Pocket Testament League
Mission Viejo, CA

“Standing Together plays an essential and unique role in the evangelical world as it works to make outreach and dialogue more effective. Thank God for an organization like Standing Together and its unique ministry of cooperative outreach and meaningful dialogue.”

Dr. Ronald Enroth
Professor of Sociology
Westmont College, Santa Barbara

“God bless Greg Johnson and Standing Together for trying to break the cycle of confrontation between evangelicals and Mormons. Christian love is not about scoring points, but about listening and caring. Standing Together is modeling that kind of love, and I am confident it will bear much fruit.”

Mr. David Neff
Editor, Christianity Today
Chicago, IL

“Standing Together is a model for Christian ministry: upholding truth without compromise, yet displaying a Christian witness that is attractive, winsome, intelligent, and gracious. It has been an honor to work with Standing Together in its mission to engage in dialogue with those who have different points of view.”

Dr. Francis J. Beckwith
Professor of Ethics and Law
Baylor University

“Standing Together might be one of the most important ministries to come along in years with the potential to make a breakthrough impact on the religious culture of Utah for the sake of Christ. Greg Johnson already has an amazing track record of bringing people together for effective common ministry. In addition, he is especially gifted in what must be called ‘cross-cultural ministry’ -bringing people with divergent world views together to have a clearer picture of the true saving work of Christ.”

Dr. Craig Hazen
Associate Professor of Comparative Religion and Apologetics
Biola University and Talbot Theological Seminary

“It is a great privilege to stand together with Greg & Jill Johnson in this great adventure of God’s redeeming grace. Only God can take that which is despised of man and make it right with Himself. That’s what Standing Together is all about: reviving His Church and revisiting others with the truth of God in His eternal Son, the living Lord Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Joe Walsh
President and Director of Christian Prayer Resources
Sacramento, CA

“Greg Johnson is doing outstanding work for the Kingdom of God. He is reaching out in sensitive and sophisticated ways, at both the personal and theological levels, to Mormons. He is also writing and speaking around the country to evangelical audiences, showing them both intellectually and dispositionally how to relate to Mormons in a more constructive manner. Without yielding orthodox distinctives, Greg demonstrates ways in which Christians should speak the truth in love to those who disagree doctrinally. Both LDS and evangelical audiences have much to gain from hearing Greg Johnson.”

Gerald R. McDermott


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