Values Voters: Three Reasons to Vote Romney / John Mark Reynolds, Torrey Honors Institute

John Mark Reynolds is the Founding Director of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University. A member of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, he is one of the smartest Evangelicals around.

The first time I heard him was at an Apologetics event at Biola. I was completely entranced by his knowledge and his complete originality of thought. I had at the same time a fear that he might have only one presentation which he would give on whatever subject he was assigned. Three or four apologetics presentations later, I knew that he had the same knowledge, and the same originality of thought, about everything. Scary!

Dr. Reynolds is an expert on western Christian civilization and the crucial role it has played in the history of humankind and in the success of the Christian religion. He thus takes more seriously than anyone else the importance of the culture wars, the danger of Post-Modernism, the dangers of radical Islam, and the dire danger we face right now. Europe is to all intents and purposes lost, and will be permanently secular in this generation and Islamic in a few generations. The United States is at the point, perhaps in this election cycle, of determining whether it will follow the path of Europe and have western civilization disappear, or returns to its Christian roots and has a resurgence.

My most recent interaction with Dr. Reynolds was hearing his presentation at “GodBlogCon 2007 in Las Vegas in November 2007, to which Dr. Craig Hazen had invited me as the first Latter-day Saint attendee. Dr. Reynolds’s thoughts there, and his part in the Interview from there on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program, were outstanding.

In the political realm, those who have read Hugh Hewitt’s book “A Mormon in the White House? 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney” will recognize him as one of the two participants (along with Craig Hazen) in the “Interview” which forms the appendix of the book. Excerpts from that interview are at this link. Since that interview, both Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Craig Hazen have determined that they are indeed in support of Mitt Romney’s compaign, and are making their thoughts known in various presentations, blogs posts, letters to the editors, and other forums (Dr. Reynolds would correct me and say the word is “fora).”

Below are excerpts from a blog post on the Torrey Honors Institute’s blog, The Scriptorium Daily. on October 21, 2007. See the full text of this post at this link.

Thanks much,

Steve St.Clair
The serious primary season is here.

Just as the pretenders in the NFL are playing for next year, so the political equivalents of the Dolphins, such as Sam Brownback, are dropping out of the race and sending their campaign’s talent elsewhere. Now the silly season, when even Tom Tancredo could hear “Hail to the Chief” as he groomed, is over and the real game has begun.

Values voters have to decide where to send their support.

The Democrats have once again eliminated themselves from consideration by embracing a culture of death, libertine views of culture, defeat in the War on Terror, and statist views of the economy. It is hard to enjoy your socialized medicine if you have been aborted, hard to enjoy hedonism in Vegas if ruled by the Taliban, and even harder to be charitable if the government has taken all your money to give it to the bureaucrats.

There are three well-funded candidates and one long-shot in the Republican primaries. Values voters will not choose Rudy in the primaries. He supports the culture of death . . . though perhaps less enthusiastically than Clinton. If the general election is between Rudy and Hilary, that will be the time to decide if there are enough weasel words to convince us to vote the lesser of two evils.

Ignore the commentators who do nothing but watch debates and opine that Rudy “wins” them. You cannot win a debate when you alienate a few more potential voters every time they hear your views. The commentators know the candidates and are jaded with Rudy’s liberalism. Most of the folks are just finding out what Rudy believes. Debate winners rarely make their base angry, but Rudy on marriage did it again tonight.

We don’t have to worry about Rudy yet, since we still have the chance to vote for Mitt Romney.

The most powerful reason to vote for Mitt is Mitt. Romney is the best qualified, smartest, and most telegenic Republican in the race. He has been a successful business leader, saved an Olympics, and been an excellent governor of a liberal state. He knows how to communicate our values to people who do not agree with us. Romney is the only candidate who will not give up IQ points to Hilary and who can press her on her scanty resume that depends on the dubious notion that being married to the boss makes you qualified to run the business.

Mitt lives family values and has the money to win.

Only Romney can save the Party. Any other candidates will split the GOP, but if Romney is the nominee then the race will be about Hilary’s demerits and his merits. Rudy cannot move the people in the pews to the voting booth. Huckabee does not appeal to moderates and he will drive economic conservatives out. Fred will be worth a look when he wakes up and decides to run. He is a platitude chasing a nap. Finally McCain is Bob Dole and we already know the outcome of nominating a tired, heroic, senior senator.

Finally, Romney can be trusted. The notion that he will change his mind for political gain is absurd. How do you know this beyond a reasonable doubt? Romney has stuck with his childhood faith at great personal cost. Imagine his chances if he had “converted” to Catholicism in Massachusetts a decade ago.

Romney will change his mind, like any smart guy, but he will not change his values merely to gain votes. He has walked a long road of trying to get along with his blue-state friends . . . trusting that if he gave them “choice” they would stop their assault on life. There was no stopping the death dealers who define humanity based on the whims of the moment or on the personal torments of a special interest group.

It is time to get serious about voting values . . . and Romney is the serious value voters candidate.


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One response to “Values Voters: Three Reasons to Vote Romney / John Mark Reynolds, Torrey Honors Institute

  1. I’m a Values Voter, and I <>value<> respecting the rights and personal liberties of all individuals. Abortion is a hugely-beneficial remedy that puts the lives of 57 million women, worldwide, back on track, annually, and restores their full range of future opportunities to PRE-ill-timed-pregnancy levels. And same-sex marriage is 100% <>harmless<>. Romney supports loathsome agendas counter to those liberties, so he will NEVER have my vote.

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