2007: Pastor Joel O’Steen’s Favorable Comments about Mitt Romney / Larry King Live

Watch the interview here.

Thanks Steve St.Clair
[According to a post on Townhall.com,] Larry King interviewed Pastor Joel Osteen on October 17, 2007, and asked Joel how he felt about Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith. Joel Osteen is the highly successful pastor of Lakewood Church, a huge megachurch located in Houston, Texas. Pastor Joel Osteen is also the well-known television evangelist with a winning smile that never quits, and he is the author of the best-selling book, Become a Better You. Here is an excerpt from the Larry King interview:

KING: “‘How do you feel about Mitt Romney and being a Mormon? Would that affect whether you vote for him or not?'”

J. OSTEEN: “‘Well, you know what? I look at people, their character, their values, what they stand for. And I know only Mitt from watching him on your program and reading a couple of articles about him. And I don’t think that that would affect me. I’ve heard him say that he believes Jesus is his savior, just like I do. I’ve studied it deeply, and maybe people don’t agree with me, but I like to look at a person’s value and what they stand for.'”


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