Evangelical View of Latter-day Saint Emphasis on Christ / The New Mormon Challenge

These words are a section by one of the general editors of the New Mormon Challenge he comments on the direction of the teachings of Stephen Robinson, Robert Millet, and Blake Ostler. He also encourages Latter-day Saints to keep emphasizing the largely-orthodox doctrines of the Book of Mormon, rather than focusing on the King Follett Discourse.

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Steve St.Clair
With respect to contemporary trends in LDS theology, to the chagrin of some of my evangelical acquaintances, I admit that I find some of them encouraging, and I pray that they will continue. I think LDS writers like Stephen Robinson. Robert Millet. and Blake Ostler have, in different ways, taken some important steps in the right direction-not nearly enough steps that I can in good conscience consider Mormonism a legitimately Christian faith, but nonetheless steps in the direction that I hope the LDS Church as a whole follows. I am encouraged by the fact that the LDS Church is increas­ingly emphasizing its commitment to the centrality of Jesus Christ in its doc­trine, and I do not believe this is merely a public relations ploy. As I see things, this emphasis is sometimes largely verbal in nature, but not always. There are signs that it is deeper in some quarters. 1 am optimistic that this emphasis on Christ could result in greater attention being paid to the Christological issues that the early Christian community struggled through. Perhaps it could even lead Mormonism to affirm what I believe is a biblically faithful understand­ing of Christ as the second person of the Trinity, fully Cod and fully human-the only kind of Christ that can save us from our sins. Though I do not believe that the Book of Mormon is scripture and that it is historical or entirely accurate in its theology I am even gladdened, in an odd way, to see Latter-day Saints increasingly endeavoring to adopt its largely orthodox theology while they downplay teachings like those found in the King Follett Discourse, I hope that openly stating these things will not result in a retrenching reaction by traditional elements of the LDS Community.

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